Website Account

How do I create a website account?

To create a new website user account, so that you can register for classes, purchase products and access a great range of useful information and features, click here ( and fill out the form. If you require assistance, contact Customer Care ( live chat or submit a ticket.

I forgot my password or username

Go to ( and click Log In at the top-of-page. Scenario. You don't know your password - At the login screen, click, 'I forgot my password.' - On the next page, type your username and submit - An email will be sent with instructions Scenario. You don't know your username - At the login screen, click, 'I forgot my password.' - On the next page, click 'Click Here' located under 'Don't remember username?' - Scroll...

I can't login to my website account

If you are having difficulty logging in to your website account then: - Request a password reset here ( - Contact Customer Care ( and submit a ticket requesting assistance

My Public Profile is not showing up in searches

If you have a profile page on the website but: - it's not showing up in website searches, - or your account is not displaying the related Facilitator Tools menu group, ... then you may not have signed our Data Protection Agreement (DPA). Create a ticket in the menu above, selecting the department, Membership, Subscription & Public Profile so we can assist you getting this handled.