Access Affiliate

Getting Paid

Before we can pay commission ... The US government requires affiliates to provide Access Consciousness with a tax form. Any individual/entity earning money from Access Consciousness LLC, a United States of America company, is required to fill out one of the following forms before receiving payment. The forms simply establish where the individual/entity resides and pays their taxes. - US citizen or resident If you are either a USA citizen or reside in the USA, then you need to complete,...

Join Access Affiliate

Joining Access Affiliate is easy and takes about 3 minutes. Anyone can join and it's free. Go here (, fill out your details and click the Signup button at the bottom. That's it! The system will send an email with your login details, and then you can access your new account. Once logged in to your affiliate account, check out the Getting Started area for video tutorials.

What affiliated products can I earn commissions on?

Generally, 10% commission can be earned for referred sales of affiliated products. Access Shop affiliated products include: Books published by Access Consciousness Publishing that can be purchased in Access Shop ( Other books (or products) that are in Access Shop, but sold on 3rd party websites e.g. Amazon, Nook, will not earn commissions Access Consciousness Class Recordings that are dated 12 months after the live class' start date. For ex...

I Can't Login to my Affiliate Account

If you are having difficulty logging in to your Access Affiliate account then: - Request a password reset here (, and remember that your username is the email address you joined with. - Contact Customer Care ( and submit a ticket requesting assistance

Where is Access Shop?

Access Shop, the home of Access Affiliate, is located on Access Consciousness' website. Click here ( visit Access Shop. Click here ( join Access Affiliate.