What affiliated products can I earn commissions on?

Generally, 10% commission can be earned for referred sales of Access Shop affiliated products.

Affiliated products are products that are included to earn commission.

Referred sales are those where the purchaser clicked an affiliate's link, containing a unique ID, which identifies the affiliate as the referrer.

Affiliated products may include:

Books published by Access Consciousness Publishing (ACP) that can be purchased in Access Shop.

Access Consciousness (AC) Advanced Special Classes, or teleseries class recording products that are dated 12 months after the original class' start date. For example:

The, How do You Begin the Universe of Choice Feb-20 São Paulo product name contains the month and year of the original class. So, after February 2021, referred sales of this product can earn commission.

One-time AC Specials, packages or promotions presented for sale in Access Shop.

Unaffiliated products may include:

ACP books and any other AC products where a sale is made on 3rd-party websites, for example, Amazon, Nook, Barnes & Nobel, Kajabi, etc.

AC products created from Core Classes, for example, Global Access Bars Class, Global Foundation Class, Choice of Possibilities, Symphony of Possibilities, etc.

Affiliated products that are included in an Access Shop Sale will not earn commissions for the duration of the sale

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*Access Consciousness reserves the right to change part or of all of the above at any time, without notice.