What affiliated products can I earn commissions on?

Generally, 10% commission can be earned for referred sales of Access Shop affiliated products.

Affiliated products are products that are included to earn commission.

Referred sales are those where the purchaser clicked an affiliate's link, containing a unique ID, which identifies the affiliate as the referrer.

What product sales can earn commission?

Affiliates may earn commission on eligible products sold in Access Shop1. These include:

  • Books 2, 6
    A diverse catalogue of more than 300 paperback book-products including those translated into multiple languages.
  • Access Special and Advanced Facilitator class-products 2, 3, 4, 5
    Over 300 class-products, and growing, covering a diverse range of topics with many translated into multiple languages.


1 Only sales made in Access Shop are recorded and may be considered for commission.

2 Books published by Access Consciousness Publishing (ACP) and purchased in Access Shop.

3 Class-products ineligible for commission include but are not limited to, Core Classes (Access Bars, Foundation, Choice, Energetic Synthesis, Intensive, Being You, Symphony, Maestro), Body Classes, Facilitator Training.

4 Class-products become eligible for commission, 1-year after the original class start date. Titles feature the original date e.g., How do You Begin the Universe of Choice Feb-20 São Paulo

5 Sales of class-products that are prerequisites for Access Certified Facilitator (CF) will not earn commission.

6 Products that are ‘on-sale’ will become ineligible for commission, and the Country Pricing feature disabled, for the sale duration. No double-dip policy.

Product’s eligibility to earn affiliates commission can change anytime, without notice, at the choice of Access Consciousness.

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*Access Consciousness reserves the right to change part or of all of the above at any time, without notice.