Getting Paid

Tax Forms.

The US government requires you to provide Access Consciousness with a tax form, before we can pay your commission. Read below to see which one applies to you.

Any individual/entity earning money from Access Consciousness LLC, a United States of America company, is required to fill out one of the following forms before receiving payment. The forms simply establish where the individual/entity resides and pays their taxes.

  1. US citizen or resident
    If you are either a USA citizen or reside in the USA, then you need to complete, sign and send us a W-9 form.
    Get your W-9 form here.
  2. Foreign citizen
    If you reside outside of the USA you need to complete, sign and send us a W-8BEN form.
    Get your W-8BEN form here.

This information is only used, if the individual is from the US and paid $600 or more during a tax year, to report these payments to the Internal Revenue Services using a 1099 form.

Email your completed form
When your form is completed, please create a ticket and request the email address you can send it to. Thank you.

Your details have changed
If your taxpayer number, Social Security number, citizenship status or tax-withholding exemption status has changed since last submitting a form to us, please create a ticket and request a new form. It is your responsibility to to advise Access Consciousness when details have changed on your tax form.