Clearing your browser's cache

Often, clearing your browser's cache can create greater ease interacting with websites.

Whenever you experience a website issue, a good first step is to clear your browser’s cache. It won’t always fix the issue, but it's an action you can take immediately before concluding the issue is elsewhere.

Cache is the way your Internet browser stores information for reuse later, things like icons, buttons, images and even whole web pages can be stored as temporary Internet files. While cache can improve your browsing speed, sometimes you are looking at history rather than what is available in the moment.

At Access Consciousness, we often refer to clearing cache as your browser having an Access Bars session and clearing out the old to make space for something different 😊.

You can find more information about browser cache by searching the Internet, for example:


Disclaimer. The above information is not technical advise. Consult with a qualified computer technician as any action you take is your choice and at your own risk.