How can I unsubscribe from emails?

Access Consciousness sends a variety of emails. Review the list below for information about publications and managing your email preferences.

Emails sent to you have a link in the footer and you can also visit this page on the website to Manage Your Email Preferences.

Invites, Offers & Updates

Emails that can include anything from special offers, new book launches, invitations to classes or events, or a call to action for consciousness. Don't miss out!

Access Consciousness Newsletters

Global, regional or local newsletters featuring the latest and greatest from Access Consciousness, with articles, videos, upcoming classes, tools, tips and treats.

Phenomenal Series

Free tools, clearings, information and awareness from the creative edge of Access Consciousness and its facilitators.

Practitioner & Facilitator Series

Your invitation to creating greater with live Zoom meetings, information and tools. Come talk with us and get your questions answered.


Some email lists require you to unsubscribe directly in the email footer. For example, Tools for Change emails provide an unsubscribe link.


Information emails are sent from the website based upon you taking an action, for example,

  • when you register for a class or purchase a product
  • or submit an application
  • a subscription payment we try to collect fails
  • notice that a certification requires renewing or has expired
  • and more ...

Customer Care

If you have an open ticket, or take action to create a new Customer Care ticket, our systems will respond with an email sent to you.

Access Consciousness Practitioners & Facilitators

Practitioners and facilitators can have their own business contact lists and send their own emails. These are not Access Consciousness' lists and you must contact the list owner to unsubscribe or change your preferences.

Create a ticket if you require assistance further with your email preferences.